Industry sectors


Getecha’s granulators are made for tough requirements. They are designed for hourly throughputs of up to 3.000 kg and have 3, 5 or 7-blade rotors in flexible segment design, which allows them to be adapted to different types of material to be cut. As a component of the production logistics in the recycling business, a Getecha large granulator always ensures the economic recirculation and recycling of the reusable materials used.

  • tacky slugs
  • solid lumps
  • heavy oddments
  • PET bottles
  • copper cable
  • pipes
  • post-consumer applications
  • solutions for wet-grinding

Heavy duty granulators

With the granulators of the series

ModelRotor cutting diameter [mm]Cutting width [mm]
RS 45000450600 – 1.500
RS 6000600600 – 1.800
RS 8000800900 – 1.800

we solve your grinding tasks in the recycling industry.

We do not only take care of the grinding, but also design and deliver a complete solution from conveying the parts to the handling of the regrind.