Customized automation

Based on our many years of experience, we offer you tailor-made solutions for your production: from simple devices to self-sufficient production cells. We are your contact for special equipment with the core competences:

  • joining of plastic and metal parts (caulking, riveting)
  • applying a protection film onto plastic parts
  • machining of plastic parts (milling, drilling)
  • inspection of parts: electrical and optical inspection, measurement technology
  • laser marking
  • plasma coating
  • weighing, dosing and feeding
  • trimming by guillotinen, blades or cutting wire
  • winding with selected run length
  • labelling
  • packaging
Applying of foam plastic strips

providing of strips,
pick-up of the strips by an articulated robot
exact gluing the strips in a platic part

Caulking of a metal- and plastic part

fixation of the plastic part in a precise holder
insert of the metal part
pneumatically or hydraulically caulking of the metal links

Applying of protection film

tailoring of the protection film
blister-free applying on to a surface sensitive plastic part

Winding of a coated steel band

creation of a sleeve with free progammable run length
trimming of the steel band
packaging of the sleeve

Trimming of a rubber green body

precise cutting of a rubber green body by means of a feed controlled by a servomotor

Riveting of several sheet-metal part

hand-work place for riveting several sheet-metal parts by hollow punch rivets