Recycling solutions for bottles and canisters 

As a manufacturer of high-performance granulators for grinding production residues and waste, GETECHA is an established name in plastics and recycling technology. However, the company now also equips its customers with system solutions that cover other stages in the life cycle of polymer products. An illustrative example of this is the realization of packaging and […]

Production-oriented and energy-efficient grinding

Getecha present itself at Fakuma as a granulator manufacturer and automation specialist Equipping plastics processors and recycling companies with customised shredding and recycling solutions – that has been GETECHA’s mission for many years. What this means in concrete terms and what level of process automation is achievable today will be demonstrated once again by the German […]

Into the hopper and through the infeed

Aside from the implementation of highly automated material cycle systems for the plastics processing industry, the realisation of high-performance granulators has always been one of Getecha’s core areas of expertise. Not long ago, for example, plastic parts manufacturer Lechner purchased two standard granulators in the successful RotoSchneider range available from the German plant engineering company. […]

Hydraulic alternative for thick edge trims

In film and plate extrusion, particularly tough edge trims come up every now and then, which cannot be deflected and can only be granulated to the desired target size at the level of the extrusion line. To condition this material for processing in hopper granulators as efficiently as possible, it must first run through the […]

From extrusion to granulation

Horizontal granulator as process step for the production of lightweight granulates High-strength rigid foam materials are an important material-relevant component for the realisation of modern lightweight constructions for the aircraft and automotive industry as well as medical technology. Their production is based amongst others on the processing of high-quality plastic granulates from extruded copolymer semi-finished products. […]

GETECHA presents efficient granulation solutions

Visit us at our booth 9A09 in hall 9 ! As developer and manufacturer of modern granulation and processing plants, Getecha is one of the leading system integrators of the plastics and recycling industry. Based on the hopper and infeed granulators from its rotary cutter machine range, the company realises mostly automated complete solutions including project-specifically configured […]

Efficient pulling in and processing of edge trims

Getecha granulation technology enables recovery of extrusion waste Everywhere in the plastics industry, waste and residue from production are fed into treatment circuits, and are recycled as recyclable materials. In order to enable this automated and highly efficient recovery plants, the German company Getecha provides an attractive portfolio of mostly standardised granulators amongst others. Here you […]

The right moment for cap and canister

Many of the systems known today for the machine closing of canisters with screw caps cannot really convince in practice. Most of them lack the necessary “sensitivity” as well as accuracy and flexibility. Now, however, plant constructor Getecha has developed a new automatic screwing machine on the basis of its engineering know-how, which makes you […]

Films from three rollers and piles of plates

With the objective to create more space for its production and to centralise the entire granulation technology, the packaging material manufacturer Pro-Pac established a new hall at the Vechta site two years ago. In time, more and more granulation machines for the processing of residues and faulty parts from different thermoforming and extrusion processes moved […]

Fast cut in the exhaust air flow

With its FS 200 and FS 300 foil cutters, Getecha offers manufacturers and operators of film processing plants two high-performance units for the efficient cutting of continuous strips from edge trimming. The compact units can be integrated into the blower or exhaust air flow and can also be combined with the hopper granulators of the […]