Central granulator

RS 2400

The compact central granulators of the RS 2400 series have been specially designed for hourly throughputs of up to 220 kg and can be installed in the vicinity of the production lines.

RS 30000

Highly productive, aggressive intake: Whether in injection moulding plants or at blow moulding machines – the segmented rotors designed expecially according to requirements master a very wide range of tasks quickly and reliably. Depending on the model, the ergonomically designed granulators can handle up to 600 kg/h.

RS 38000

Even more performance: This series is the logical refinement of the well-proven RS 2400 and RS 30000 and offers the same advantages. It is flexible in use thanks to various rotors, hoppers and peripheral equipment.

RS 45000

Devours large volumes quietly: With the aggressive intake zone in the cutting chamber, seizes even thick-walled faulty parts or large hollow parts reliable; the noise level remains low. High throughput is attained by virtue if the optimal ratio between rotor diameter and width, in conjunction with maximum screen area.