Semi-automatic packaging of PET-bottles

From a stretch blow molder, bottles are to be placed semi-automatically in trays and stacked on pallets. The pallet and the tray are provided by an operator.

Size of bottles:

250 – 1.000 ml


placing in trays or tray as cover

Size of pallets:

Euro (1.200 x 800 mm) and industry (1.200 x 1.000 mm)

Height of stack:

max. 2.800 mm


  • for all stowable and squeezable bottles
  • stacking in layers with different layer patterns, also shifted
  • short conversion times through user-friendly recipe management
  • no component exchange with product change
  • integration into the customer’s IT infrastructure by up-to-date control technology with common interfaces


Layer table

stop of bottles on the feeding belt conveyor and serial push off in the open tray


push a filled tray onto the pallet respectively onto the stack

Pallet station

providing of pallet by operator