Securely screwing a cap onto a jerry can

Both at the outlet of a blowing machine and after a filling line, the controlled screwing of a cap onto a jerry can can be required. The challenge is to screw the cap on in a special way:

After a filling machine with a specified torque to guarantee tightness,


after a blowing machine to a specified position before the detent ring engages.

The screwing system is therefore equipped with a servo axis, which is both torque and position controlled and thus covers both application uses.


  • automatic screwing with a programmable torque up to 30 Nm
  • automatic screwing to a programmable position before overwinding the detent ring
  • automatic processing for different jerry can heights
  • one screwing system is able to operate with several production lines
  • archive function for each cycle for tracking


  • cell as welded frame
  • sorting of caps by water fall separator or vibration conveyor pot
  • motor axix: height setting clamping, height setting screw head, screw head