Recycling center for thermoformed parts and sheet rolls

Start-up sheet from the extrusion as well as faulty parts from the thermoforming should be processed. The faulty parts from the thermoforming are collected in customer provided boxes.

Materials: PP white and transparent, PET

For the different materials individual granulation lines should be designed in order to avoid mixing of the plastic types and to reduce downtime for cleaning.

Minimum manpower for the operation and energy efficiency had been further demands of the customer. All main drives of the lines are therefore equipped with the EnergySave system.

Start-up rolls from the extrusion

  • roller carriage for 3 rolls with automatic detection of sheet end
  • granulator RS 3012 (cutting diameter 300 mm, 1.200 infeed width, 30 kW)
  • optimal workload of the granulator by controlled infeed speed determined by
    • volumetric filling level of the granulator and
    • load of the main drive
  • permanent throughput over 1 to/hr
  • filling into big bags with level control

Faulty parts from thermoforming

  • tilting device adapted to customer’s boxes
  • dosed feeding of the faulty parts onto the belt conveyor
  • detection of metal contamination
  • granulation by RS 45090 (cutting diameter 450 mm, width 900 mm, 45 kW)
  • feeding of parts controlled by
    • filling level in the hopper of the granulator
    • load of main drive
  • throughput 900 kg/hr
  • filling in big bags with level control