Flexible packaging lines for jerry cans

The jerry cans are transported to the packaging line via belt conveyors. Depending on the layer pattern, a corresponding number of jerry cans is pushed off until the corresponding number of rows for one layer is reached. The layer is shrink-wrapped in a film tunnel and stabilized in a shrink tunnel for further stacking.


  • jerry cans sizes up to 60 l
  • inlet into the packaging line from both sides possible
  • programmable layer pattern
  • up to 4 blow moulding machines can be packed at the same time, with individual layer pattern
  • 4 mm wide welding seam with impulse welding
  • shrink tunnel with circulating air for energy saving
  • simple change of film rolls with installed crane system
  • optimized turning device for arrangement of the jerrycans
  • optional stacking system for pallets (up to 4 pallet spaces)


  • firm, welded base frame
  • feeding belt conveyor for jerry cans with stops
  • motor-driven pusher
  • two driven film dispenser for the tunnel
  • three sealing bars with impulse welding system and blade rows
  • shrink tunnel with circulating air