Large granulator RS 6015 for recycling tasks


A wide variety of materials are ground:

  • Side entry into hopper: thick-walled material is pre-shredded by an existing shredder (screen size 50 mm)
  • Front entry into hopper: belt conveyor feeding parts
  • throughput more than 2 to/hr

Delivery scope is the whole materials handling technology, integration of the existing shredder and granulator, suction unit, regring dedusting unit and big bag stations.


  • belt conveyor 1 takes the pre-shredded material from the shredder and transfers it to
  • belt conveyor 2. Ferritic impurities are sorted out into containers via the magnetic head roller and an overband magnet. The material is transported to
  • distribution belt 3. The flow of parts can be directed manually to the granulator or the existing granulator. Both machines can also be fed load-controlled.
  • Belt conveyor feeds the hopper on the side of the granulator.
  • granulator RS 6015 with sturdy 5-blade rotor, 132 kW power with EnergySave motor controller
  • suction unit for approx. 3 to/hr with regrind dedusting unit
  • all metal separation
  • double big bag station: automatic switch-over to second big bag by contact-free level indicator
  • central control Siemens S 7 with visualization, display of the operating states of all components