Granulation of PET bottles

Material to be ground:

The bottles from the return system of supermarkets are already pre-shredded and filled into bags of up to 25 kg. The bags are opened and poured onto a belt conveyor.

Throughput demands: 2,5 to/hr with a 12 mm screen.


Two RS 6009 granulators were selected to achieve the required throughput of over 2 tons per hour with mixed material feed. Both granulators are operated in parallel. When servicing one line, it is possible to continue at reduced throughput.

  • RS 6009: cutting diameter 600 mm, cutting width 900 mm
  • open 5-blade rotor
  • 12 mm screen
  • 75 kW motor power
  • hopper with two inlet openings
  • suction unit
  • electrical connection of the two granulators