Joining a metal- and plastic part

At a semi-automatic workstation, a plastic part and a metal part are permanently joined together in an automotive component. By folding down bending links made of stainless steel, a form closure and thus a stable and durable connection in reproducible quality is achieved. This has not been possible at a manual workstation so far. Since it is a visible part, increased requirements of the part handling and the pick-up concept in the machine have to be considered.


  • machine base as welded, solid frame with loading facilities for in-plant transport
  • 3D-milled part holder for surface gentled handling
  • pneumatically driven cross beam with hold-down device and adjustable bending tools. These bending punches can be driven pneumatically or hydraulically, depening on required forces.
  • two-stage bending process for exacting bending geometries
  • synchronous control of the bending punches for a distortion-free connection of the parts
  • reproducible bending geometry, thus reduced scrap rate