Automatic feeding and granulation of sheets

Description of project:

The collected profile sheets from the extrusion process should be ground with a minimum of staff. The sheets are collected on carts. The GETECHA engineers demanded only one condition for the stack: Then collecting the sheets need to be pushed against a stationary wall to form a nearly vertical side of the stack. Shorter sheets were collected shorter stacks side by side.

Dimensions of sheets:

Surface weight:


length 1 – 5 m, width up to 1,4 m

500 – 4.000 g/m²

1.000 – 1.500 kg/hr with 6 mm screen


  • motor-driven transfer axis, equipped with combined needle gripper and pusher beam
  • automatic scanning of the height of the stacked material
  • motorised lifting portal: Depending on the determined stacking height, the material table is lifted to the corresponding transfer height.
  • infeed system consisting of motor driven infeed rollers
  • granulator RS 6015 (cutting diameter 600 mm, cutting width 1.500 mm, 132 kW)
  • suction unit with double big bag station: filling level control and automatic switch-over

After a collecting cart with stacked material has been pushed into the installation, the operator starts the process. The height of the stacked material is scanned and the cart is lifted to the required transfer height. A horizontal robot axis which is installed above the chart pulls or pushes the material into the infeed system. The sheet material is ground continuously and extremely energy-efficiently. A high load of the rotor will automatically stop the robot axis and the infeed system. After the load is dropped under an adjustable level the complete infeed system continues to work. A cart can store up to 2 t of material. The only task for the staff is to change the carts and the full big bags.