RS 6000

The series RS 6000 has a cutting circle of 600 mm.
The RS 6000 is built in cutting width of 600, 900, 1.200 and 1.500 mm

Range of application:

  • central granulator for bumpers, dashboards, skeleton film rolls, lumps from extruders, pipes, sheets ….
  • for voluminous parts as barrels or plastic fuel tanks
  • for recycling applications up to 3 to/ht (plastic, copper, printed circuit boards)
  • permanent throughput more than 1.200 kg/hr for themoforming or extruding


High efficiency,
excellent ergonomics

  • opening of hopper and cutting chamber without tools
  • screen holder removable
  • low cleaning time due to smooth, all-side machined surfaces
  • high energy efficiency due to cutting geometry and EnergySave controller

Excellent regrind quality

  • scissors cut with constant cutting circle
  • large screen surface enables high throughput rates
  • rotary blades adjustable outside of the granulator

High reliability

  • solid and torsion-resistant cutting chamber
  • rotor shaft made of high-quality tempering steel
  • rotor segments mounted on shaft with couplings (over 20 years experience)
  • solid belt pulley for a high centrifugal moment

Individual features

  • water cooled cutting chamber for temperature-sensitive material
  • wear protected version for filled materials
  • various hopper versions
  • mechanical and electrical integration into a production line

Technical specifications

ModelRS 6006RS 6009RS 6012RS 6015
Rotor cutting diameter [mm]600600600600
Cutting chamber opening [mm]600 x 795900 x 7951.200 x 7951.500 x 795
No. of rotary blades3 x 23 x 33 x 43 x 5
No. of stationary blades2222
Motor power [kW]45557575
Throughput* [kg/hr]approx. 600 – 1.000approx. 600 – 1.500approx. 800 – 2.000approx. 1.000 – 2.500
* depening on screen size an material


RS 6006 [mm]2.3601.9001.230
RS 6009 [mm]2.3601.9001.530
RS 6012 [mm]2.4901.9001.830
RS 6015 [mm]2.4901.9002.130


Various rotor versions, drives and blade qualities of the model range RS 6000 are individually designed for your application, grinding reliably, energy-saving and producing an optimum grinding material quality.

Suitable wear protection packages secure your investment, reduce your maintenance costs and increase your profit when grinding abrasive materials.

Water-cooled cutting chambers and cooling-air supply reduce the thermal stress on your materials, protect against plastification in the cutting chamber and enable optimum grinding even in critical applications.

Maximum energy efficiency thanks to the latest design, drive motors in the energy efficiency class up to IE 4 and the use of GETECHA EnergySave, a system that significantly reduces your power consumption under partial load.

Electrical accessories from GETECHA connect your rotary cutter RS 6000 to the peripherals, control upstream and downstream units, create safety and increase your productivity. If you need special equipment and cannot find it anywhere, please contact us.

The modular granulator platform of the GETECHA rotary cutter RS 6000 allows variations of a wide range of proven assemblies, components and functions from the entire GETECHA rotary cutter range.

Perfect dosing and material feed into the rotary cutter as well as material discharge are options which are decisive for grinding performance and regrind quality. GETECHA peripherals (belt conveyor, screw feeders, metal detectors, ionizers, screw dischargers and extraction systems…) optimize your grinding system and create efficiency and safety.

RS 6012 open

Hopper and screen carriage can be opened quickly by means of hand hydraulics (optional: electro hydraulics). The screen carriage can be moved completely out of the granulator.

RS 6012 with double big bag station

Filling level of the big bags is monitored. When a certain filling level is reached, the switch automatically switches from big bag 1 to big bag 2.

RS 6012 for PET recycling

The hopper of the granulator was adapted to the customer’s feeding system and thus integrated into to their recycling process.

RS 6015 in sound proofed cabinet

A low noise level due to complete sound enclosure, sound inulation tunnel above the belt conveoyr, as well insulation of the piping, regrind material trasnport and exhaust air dedusting.

RS 6009 with hopper for plates

Hopper for feeding of plates