Packaging of bottles

For the packaging of your bottles we can offer you equipments with different automation levels:

  • layer table for manual packaging for small batch sizes
  • semi-automatic device with manual feeding of the trays
  • full automatic packaging line

In the standard version for:

  • bottle sizes from 100 ml to 2 l
  • round, angled and oval bottle shapes possible
  • up to 6.000 bottles/hr
  • separation and presentation of the pallet
  • automatic feeding of the tray
  • folding and gluing of the tray in-line
  • realization of individual packaging patterns
  • applying of one layer- or stacking foil
  • tray as cover
  • wrapping the stack with stretch film
  • labelling of the stack
  • integration of your IT-system
  • materials handling technology for buffering
  • readiness for shipment
Transfer of the bottels into trays

The bottels are moved row by row. A transfer can be done via the short or long side of tray.

Creation of stacks

The height of the stack is free programmable.

Entire installation

Each layer can be covered with a film. The stack can be closed with a tray as cover.

Entire installation

Automatic providing of the pallets and subsequent conveyor technology as a buffer can supplement the system.