Packaging of jerry cans

Even the standard version of our machines for shrink-wrapping hollow articles in film layers is characterised by high efficiency and flexibility:

  • up to 50 l jerry cans
  • up to 1.200 jerry cans/hr
  • separation and feeding of pallets
  • ergonomic change of film rolls
  • programming of different jerry can sizes
  • realization of individual packaging patterns

Special advantages

  • several blow moulding machines with different packaging patterns and sizes can be packed at one unit
  • reduced operator effort

Expandable according to your request

  • apply of caps
  • angel or torque controlled screwing of caps
  • stacking
  • labelling
  • integration into your IT-system
  • readiness for shipment
Creation of layers

the patterns of jerry cans are free programmable

Transfer of a layer

controlled transfer into the foil tunnel

Shrink-wrapping a layer

welding of the longitudinal seam and cutting of the overlaying film

Inlet into the shrinking tunnel
Shrinking tunnel

shrinking of film up to 200 °C

Shrinked layer

ready for the stacking station

Entire installation